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Toba Tek Singh

(In This Article,we showing the tobe tek singh District Facts)

City /District Name: Toba Tek Singh

Short Name: TTS

Separate District : 1982

Province : Punjab,Pakistan

Area: 4,364 km2

Population: 2,190,015 ( 2017)

Number of Tehsils: 4

Number of Union Councils: 82



Why its called Toba tek singh?

Mr. Singh  served water ( In British Raj )  to thirsty travelers passing ( Railway Station ) by a small pond (“TOBA” in Punjabi) which eventually was called Toba Tek Singh. The Name of That Sikh was Tek Singh,so city was given name as Tobe Tek singh.

Cities/Towns in Toba Tek singh:

  • Kamalia
  • Gojra
  • Pir Mahal
  • Rajana
  • Sandhilianwali

Famous Personalities of Toba Tek singh:

  • ch sarwar ( Governor of punjab )
  • Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday


Kissan Conference(Farmer Movement )  1970:

In 1970 Historical Kissan Conference was held in Toba Tek singh in which  200,000 Kissans  and progressive people from whole country gathered in Toba Tek Singh. The conference left a great impact on political history of Pakistan and led to Land reforms taken place in Bhutto Era.

Education Centers in Toba Tek singh:

Toba  has a high literacy rate counted amongst the top 10 cities of Pakistan. It has many educational institutes.

  • Punjab College T. T. Singh
  • Superior College T. T. Singh
  • National College
  • Islamia College T. T. Singh
  • Garrison Public School
  • Toba Tek Singh Poly tehnic institiue college
  • University of Agriculture, Faisalabad ( campus)
  • Govt. Degree College for Women’ T. T. Singh
  • Government High School 1 Pir Mahal
  • Govt Degree College(For Boys and Girls) Rajana,
  • Daar e Arqam School

And many others..


Toba tek singh is One of the best producer of orange. Most of the people living in this district have profession of agriculture and it produce several kind of agricultural and dairy products like meat, eggs,cotton. Toba is very well known for Poultry and Tunnel farming


Bradari System

Bradarri system is very strong in Toba Taik singh district. In  toba Taik Singh Arrain Brothery is in majority while in Gojra tehsil a mixture of jatt, Gojar and Rajput can be seen. Jatts are politically strong in Tehsil Kamaliya. Kharal Rajpoot are very Strong but Arrain Brothery challenge them.

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