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Panjpeer Rocks


What is Panjpeer Rocks ?

A touring place endowed with the pine trees, mountains, rocks, , valleys, and fountains.i It s the highest point of the Danoi Ridge in Kotli Sattian/Kahuta. It is called Panjpeer because of a shrine it has at the top.  Locals believe this was a place where five saints came and got settled. The altitude of Panjpeer is approximately 1800 meters ( 5905 feet)  from where distant views of Kashmir and Murree add to the aesthetics of this place. The attraction points for visitors are the dense green forest  leafy-green streams and  rocks .

There is a beautiful rest house located at an height of 1300 M .  Hike towards Panjpee rocks starts right from the Danoi Forest Rest House.

Panjpeer Rocks Tour Guide :

Lahore Railway Station

Have light Breakfast as you are going for Hiking.Book A taxi ,and if you have personal Car,its good but you should have good driving skills. After 2 hours of drive ( Because of KAHUTA RESEARCH LABORATORIES  Security Reasons ) you will reach KAHUTA where is shopping bazaar, You are going for hiking ,you need water,fruits,and dates for energy , so get eatables .After this ,  road is not in good condition.After few mints drive you will reach in forest.

Panjpeer Road


There is a beautiful rest house located at an height of 1300 M .  Hike towards Panjpeer rock structures starts right from the Danoi Forest Rest House. After 1-2 Hours Hiking you will be on Top of Panjpeer Rocks.After walking few hours into the jungle we will be able to see Muree and Pariyata from far away. Enjoying the pine forest and the beautiful views hike trek offers, we will reach a place where there are big boulders stretched over a large area. This part is the specialty of this trek. It is not just these large stretched boulders, throughout the trek you will notice large rocks of very unique size and structure.

Panjpeer Rocks Tour Images:

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