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Khaani Pakistani Drama


Khanni Drama STORY

Drama Name:  Khaani

Original Network : Geo Entertainments

Producer Abdullah Kadwani , Asad Qureshi

Writer:  : Asma Nabeel

Music composer : Sahir Ali Bagga

OST Singer : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Release Date: 6 November, 2017

End Date: 2 July 2018

Running Time : 30-45 minutes and commercials /Ads

Cast Day & Time : Monday ( 8:10 pm – 09:09 pm )

Repeating Day  & Time :

  1. Monday: 1:00 am – 01:59 am, 2:00 pm – 02:59 pm
  2. Tuesday: 00:00 am – 00:59 am,  9:50 pm – 10:29 pm
  3. Saturday: 10:00 am – 10:59 am
  4. Sunday; 9:50 pm – 10:29 pm


  • Sana Javed  (Khaani)
  • Feroze Khan  ( Hadi )
  • Mehmood Aslam ( Mir Shah )
  • Seemi Pasha  ( Iffet )
  • Saman Ansari ( Sitara Shah )
  • Rashid Farooqui ( Salman Ali Khan )
  • Salma Hassan  ( Sonia Salman Ali Khan )
  • Qavi Khan  (  Hamid Malik )
  • Shehzeen Rahat  ( Sara Ali Khan )
  • Malik Emad  ( Ali )
  • Shehzad Mukhtar  (  Mithal )
  • Khushi Maheen  ( Raima )
  • Rimha Ahmad  ( Sana Ali Khan )
  • Ali Muhammad  (  Ali )


KHAANI  Drama Story:

Khaani  and her family who are busy in arrangement of upcoming birthday of Khaani and her twin brother Sarim. Meanwhile Sarim is about to graduate when he angers a rich spoils brat named Mir Hadi . Sarim was killed by Hadi in that fight. The story revolves around Khaani’s family reactions who takes a file against Hadi. Hadi on the other hand threatens Khaani’s family to take back the complaint, but Khaani stands up to him .

Mir Hadi is suprised by this and gradually love blossoms in his heart upon seeing her courage. He sends her gifts and tries to get closer to Khanni without her knowing his identity. Khaani starts to love her mysterious lover but when she realizes that “H” is really Hadi, she lets go of her feelings.

Hadi tries to persuade her for marriage but she refuses, causing Hadi to forcefully get betrothed to her. This leads to Khaani and her family to run away. Hadi tries to look for her everywhere and later finds her getting married to her boss, Arham. He kidnaps Khaani on her wedding day, but due to Khaani’s words, he lets her go.

When Khaani returns, her mother asks her what happened to which she replies Mir Hadi has really fallen in love. Hadi realises the reason why Khaani does not want to marry him and he goes into depression.

Hadi is overcome by the true essence of love and starts seeking the meaning behind his feelings. Meanwhile, Khaani gets married and starts living her married life with Arham. Later, Arham’s family is informed about Khaani’s kidnapping by Hadi on their wedding day and this results in Khaani being questioned in front of Arham’s family, thus resulting in humiliation for Khaani and she leaves the house without informing anyone. Arham feels lonely in her absence and decides to bring her back.

Hadi in contrast is achieving high levels of love and spirituality. He decides to make a Sufi shrine his humble abode and decides to stay there from now onwards. His family and friend Ali request him to return home to which he responds to by saying, that he feels peace in his heart and is scared of returning to his family home.

Hadi also starts experiencing spiritual visions, in form of a woman whilst his stay in the shrine. This spirit assists him in recognising true love. Hadi questions the spirit, on how to achieve the ultimate love to which she replies that it is a lifelong never ending process.

After returning to her husband Arham’s home, both Khaani and Arham decide to reopen Khaani’s brother, Saarim’s murder case file, in an attempt to prosecute Mir Shah. Hadi’s father and Hadi himself, who shot Saarim.

Unknowing, that Hadi is a completely changed man now, who only wants to spread love and practice spirituality, both Arham and Khaani press on with the case reopening. Hadi’s father tries many ways to stop his son from being punished but fails many times. Hadi himself declares he is guilty and the court gives him the death penalty. Mir shah is afraid to face the world and he commits suicide. Whereas Hadi is given a last wish to which he says he wishes to meet Khaani. Hadi’s mother begs Khaani’s mum to save her son and Khaani’s parents request Sanam to forgive Hadi. At first Khaani is reluctant but then decides to forgive Hadi. She visits him an hour before his execution and tells Hadi that he does not need to die as she has forgiven him. Hadi begs Khaani to let him die but she leaves telling him that dying will be his easy way out and living will be the hard way. In the ending Hadi is shown teaching other people love and how to practise spiritually. The show ends with Hadi saying ‘This is not my doing but it is all thanks to God.’

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