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Top foods of pakistani Lahorie people


Pakistan is a country of foodies. Specially the Lahoris have so much craved for food that they will eat whatever, whenever and wherever they get. There is no particular time for eating for them. Pakistani food is famous worldwide because of its taste, color and aroma. We are going to discuss 14 top and best foods of Pakistan.

1: Biryani :



One just simply cannot undervalue the power of Biryani. Whether its Sindhi biryani, Bombay Biryani … one just cannot keep himself away from it. if you are in Lahore ,You must try  waqas biryani  (  Kacha Hall Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore ).

2: Chargha :


Lahori chargha is one of the famous dishes in Pakistan. You ate nothing if you didn’t eat chargha. People from outside of Pakistan are also attracted to it. It is possibly served with the combination raita and different chutnies. One should not miss this dish. In Lahore you must try  Heera Chargha & Barbecue (  Temple Rd, Mazang, Lahore ).

3: Qorma:



If biryani is considered to be the queen, then qorma is considered the king of Pakistani foods. In Lahore best korma is served at Khan Baba Restaurant .


4: Peshawari Chapli Kabab:

Chapli kabab is a outmoded Peshawari food. Chapli kababs are available throughout Pakistan but the original taste belongs to Peshawar. Enjoy making Peshawari chapli kababs but while eating does not forget to place a bowl full of peppery raita, sliced tomatoes and onions and chatni along. That will give the original taste. peshawar is famous for this dish.but you can also find that in Lahore ( Khyber Charsi Tikka ,Golden plaza, 35 B, Model Town Link Rd )



5: Pulao:

Kashmiri Pulao

You must have heard  Pulao but may not tasted it. . This dish is very tasty and its further elements make it a unique food way different from normal pulao recipes.  In Lahore Pulao House is famous for Pulao (  14A Civic Centre(Moon Market، Commercial Area Faisal Town )


6: Siri Paaye:

Siri Paaye

Siri Paayeis a dish which is mostly eaten in breakfast. People also like to eat this dish in winter as it comprises of hot soup. The main element is head and feet of lamb or cow cooked immediate to make its soup. In Lahore you must try siri paye Lahore.


7: Chicken Karahi:

Chicken Karahi


Chicken karahi’s are very popular in Pakistan and don’t take long to make.  In Lahore Butt karhai is most famous  for chicken karahi .Its located at  17 Temple Road, Safanwala Chowk, Mazang.


( Updated : 31 January 2019)

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