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Rahim Pardesi

Rahim Pardesi cover


Name: Rahim Pardesi

Real Name: Muhammad Amer

Nationality: Scottish and Pakistani

Born City: Glasgow, Scotland

Profession : You Tuber and Comedian

Religion: Islam

YouTube Channel  : Rahim Pardesi

Channel Started : Mar 11, 2016

Total Views: 387,679,847 views   (22 May 2018  12:20 AM )

Subscribers : 1 Million +

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Who is Rahim Pardesi?

Rahim Pardesi  is one of the most successful and worldwide popular social media personalities of  Pakistan.  He make funny videos and upload on you tube .He started channel  on  Mar 11, 2016 . His  famous character in videos  is Nasreen.   Rahim is also known by his characters Khalid.  Main theme of his videos is the  Punjabi culture and Punjabi women . Rahim has huge fan following not only in Pakistan but also in India and worldwide. . In October 2016, Rahim won ‘Best Video Channel Award 2016’ by Asian Media Awards .


For any business queries contact

Email :rahimpardesi3[at]gmail.com


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