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I want to describe my covid 19 experience.

And if you get sick, He will heal.

and when i fall ill ,He (Allah) is the one who cures me.

Thanks to Allah.
I AM 1 Dentist. And in our country where disease is hidden, the dentist are at the most risk because this disease is spread from many small drops of water in the breath. And due to a lot of possible effort and respect, it was an impact through my own point. ID 2nd day feeling some relationship in the neck. After which I used to use myself from my family. Next 3 Country was high grade fever and sleep. I met with my brother Dr. Burhan Akram and started antibiotic. And Paracetamol (when fever felt). Tested 4th day, whose result was positive. When the result of my wife was unique. After the 5th day fever ended, but it has been broken for which I am anti-disease. No other antibiotics.!!!

Normal food in diet which is made in the house. But water, warriors up to 3-4 lines. And yes, now the land is also.
2,3 khjur, 7,8 days kalwanji
1 tblt multi vitamin And yakhni !!
Chicken ya mutton. Yakhni 2 dafa daily.

There is weight loss in cod infection. There was a lot of weekend from him. I LOST 9 KG. From whom I used to feel hungry. There was a lot of problems. With the pulse maximum. Praise be to God, oxygen has not been less than 94
But D-dimers were a source. For that I cut blood thinner injextions. This is your doctor who will tell you to see your reports. Every broken stone doesn’t need this.

Sana Maki is 1 lexative. Jaundice / qabaz is far away. That’s why he shouldn’t do it too much. I just thought of the prophet of Prophet (pbuh), I had to give 1 Leaf of water.
It took 22 days to release me. Test negative came on 22nd day. But in these 22 days, the one who gave courage and courage was the prayer of prayer and darood. Recitation of Surah Rehman daily. My parents, wife and sisters are reading darood daily 1000 times. May Allah reward them.
Just your will have power strong. Your Faith is not weak. We should bow down before Allah.
Those who are reading this post of mine are witness that corona has made our society and all of us naked. Fear of God is no more. The lust of money has not ended. Life saving and emergency items have become 1000 % expensive. This life is the trust of Allah. And we are not protecting him after coming in the situation. ” when death will come. It will come. Don’t wear a smile….. there is no cry. Etc etc etc. ”

May Allah grant us the opportunity to create peace for all of us and give us the ability to create a human being for others. Ameen!


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