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Kasur Tour Guide


Kasur History/background :

Kasur  (قصُور‎) is an ancient  city ( District ) located to south of Lahore . Kasur District  is located near the border with neighbouring India. This city was founded by Pashtun migrants in 1525.Kasur total area is 3,995 km2. 

Kasur Tour Guide From Lahore:

We started our journey early morning  ( on bike ) from Lahore by taking Ferozepur Road  and after driving (almost 53 Km) for about an hour , we reached at Kasur main city . First of all we decided to go  on Tomb of Bulleh Shah.  Bulleh Shahwas a Mughal-era ( 1680-1757 ) Punjabi Islamic philosopher and Sufi poet . The hunt for his tomb involved a drive through bazaars, followed by a short walk while navigating the great Kasuri markets, the scent of fried fish and rubber tyres in the air.

 Bulleh Shah Tomb:

Bulleh Shah

Bulleh Shah Tomb


Oh Bulleh Shah, let’s go there
Where everyone is blind
Where no one recognises our caste
And where no one believes in us

Bullah shah tomb


As we walked towards the domed structure, we   feel an otherworldly sense of peace . Peeking through the latticed stone, a hint of green and red stares back. It is the double coverlets on Bulleh Shah’s grave, green signifying his ceaseless attachment to religion , and red a sign of undying strength. There is visible life in the enclosure and  sense of peace .

Bullah shah tomb

we settled  in the courtyard to listen  kafis of Bulleh Shah being sung by the famous group of qawwals at the shrine . We sat there for a long while, listening to Bulleh Shah’s kalams.


Bulleh Shah


Kasur’s famous falooda :

Falooda   is a cold dessert famous in kasur. Most famous shop for falooda in kasur is  ” Ayub Falooda  “. its located in Naya bazar of kasur.


Ayub Falooda , Kasur

Ayub Falooda , Kasur


Shrine Hazrat Baba Shah Kamal Chishti:

The shrine is located near the Kasur Museum. It stands on top of an embankment, hence the legend that a great flood destroyed the city once leaving behind only the shrine of Hazrat Kamal Chisti.

Hazrat Kamal Chishti

Shrine Hazrat Kamal Chishti


Kasur Museum:

The Kasur Museum located on the Lahore-Kasur Highway. Within Museum  five galleries are precious relics from the Gandhara period, hand-written Quranic manuscripts, fossils from the Chakwal district, archives, jewellery, artifacts from the Sikh period and photographs related to the Pakistan Movement.

Kasur Museum

Kasur Museum


Ganda Singh Border Kasur (Hussainiwala Border) :

The Pakistani village, which was named after a Sikh man, lies opposite the Indian village of Hussainiwala, which in turn was named after a Muslim.

Ganda Singh Wala

Ganda Singh Wala


Best Fish in kasur (Javed Fish Corner):

Kasur is famous for its fish we also tried fish and that was very tasty. Javed Fish corner is best fish in kasur. its located in old city Kasur. But its very busy place and you have to wait 1 hour to have fish. Car can not go to this place ,so you have to park it in parking area.  Price is 850 RS per kg and waiting time is 20-30 mints.

Best Fish in kasur

Best Fish in kasur

Javed Fish Location :




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